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San Antonio, TX

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1427 Plumeria, San Antonio, TX 78232-4836


12500 San Pedro, Suite 402, San Antonio, TX 78216-2858
(210) 379-5739 FAX:(210) 490-2805

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    Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network Health & Welfare Information Request - this is the best one I know of"

    GulfCoastNews.com: A source of Heath & Welfare Information coming out of the afflicted area!

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  • Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network
  • Amateur Radio Station at the National Hurricane Center (Fl Int'l Univ)

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  • WD5IEH Link System
  • Saltgrass Link System
  • SouthWest Lynx System
  • SouthWest Lynx System Freqs & Map
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    Current Equipment:

  • Yaesu FT-100D All Mode Transceiver
  • Amp Supply LK 500-ZC Linear Amplifer
  • Heathkit SB220 Linear Amplifer
  • MFJ-898C Versa Tuner V
  • 160-6 Meter G5RV @ 50 ft
  • 14 Element Yagi - 2 Meters
  • 27 Element Yagi - 440 MHz
  • A4S Tribander
  • Dual Band Collinear for 144 & 440 MHz @ 90 ft
  • Drake R4A Receiver
  • Drake T4X Transmitter
  • National NCX-3 Transceiver
  • Johnson Viking Matchbox
  • Yaesu VX-7R 6M/2M/220/440 HT
  • Alinco DJ-C5 2M/70cm FM HT
  • Genave GTX-200 2M FM Transceiver
  • Hallicrafter S-40 Receiver
  • BC-221 Frequency Meter
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